Friday, 13 December 2013

It's time to Rock Out as we Clock Out

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It's time to Rock Out as we Clock Out - Firewater Interactive Year End 2013
Closing on: 20 / 12 / 2013
Re-opening on: 09 / 01 / 2014
We need to focus on getting the band off the ground…
Your favourite digital rock stars are in desperate need of a bit of R&R, so before we take
that giant leap into 2014, we’ll be taking a little break from the 20th December 2013
until the 9th January 2014.

In case of emergency (a REAL emergency!) you can get in touch on +27 83 453 1690
or drop us an email at [email protected] See you next year!

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Social Media: Who's doing it right

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as when social media is done right – especially when you’re in the digital industry. We’re a little OCD when it comes to the Internet, and like everything to be clean and good quality.

Since we’re always complaining about IE, spam and R140 million websites, we thought we’d spin the table and acknowledge some brands that have got the right idea online.

Each month, we’ll choose a brand that we think is owning the social scene. We’ll dissect them and uncover their social media success secrets!

We’ll start off with a brand that has mastered it all: Community engagement. Strong interaction. Updates that get 100+ shares and likes within minutes. They’ve got it.

Who are they?

The Jane Goodhall Institute of South Africa (JGI)

JGI is a rehabilitation centre for abused and rescued chimpanzees in South Africa. The brand boomed online this year, but wouldn’t have if JGI didn’t have their social media eyes open.

The institute has a strict no breeding policy, but – to their surprise – their 9-year-old chimp Nina fell pregnant. JGI recognised this as a social media gold mine. Why? The world had never before seen a chimpanzee birth. This was a chance for JGI to inform.

Anyone who knows anything digital will tell you that great content either informs or entertains. JGI jumped on the ‘inform’ bandwagon and created fresh, relevant and engaging content.

How? Let’s take a look.


JGI set up a video camera in the sanctuary to record every minute of Nina’s labour. This way, the public could log on and watch a live video feed of a chimpanzee birth. What did this mean? It meant fresh content. Content that could only be found on the JGI Facebook page and nowhere else. No content is as sticky and appealing than that.

Fans from all over the world (literally) were glued to their screens. Everyone was too afraid to log off in case they missed the live birth. People came back to the page every day for updates – sharing their messages of support and encouragement for Nina. The community felt personally connected to the chimp and her story. Social media win!

But what was even better than the live feed, was what JGI did after the birth. The video feed was taken down – which could have killed the campaign right there. However, JGI continued to film small snippets of the baby and share them on their page. They continued to provide fresh, relevant content.

And they’ve been rewarded for it. Fans still return to the page looking for updates. The best part is, they’re finding them. Nothing is more frustrating than not being kept informed and up-to-date on something you’ve followed so closely for so long.

JGI boosted engagement even further by having a competition where fans could vote for a name for the baby. In order to vote, fans had to give a small donation towards the sanctuary. The public chose the name Thabu, which means ‘rejoice’. Our guess is JGI are rejoicing, because this exercise left the community feeling more personally connected to the brand than ever.

On a smaller scale, JGI posts in general are winners. Updates come from the sanctuary staff themselves, which make them personal, relevant and trustworthy. You’re getting as close to the sanctuary as you can. Their posts are perhaps a tad too long, but if you’re keeping your fans engaged, it can’t be too bad!

So, what did we learn from this?

Fresh, interactive and engaging content is always a winner. Fans need a reason to return to your page. And you need a reason to come into your fans’ personal lives. We’re not all as fortunate to have pregnant chimpanzees around, but keep your eyes open and you might just launch the next viral campaign.

What we can do for you?

If you’re interested in growing your social media following and building a successful campaign like JGI, we can help. Firewater Interactive has a full service, in-house social media team. We fuse creativity and innovation with strategy to create custom digital solutions. From content creation to strategy, we’ll identify your needs and we’ll fulfil them.

Just give us a shout