Friday, 9 November 2012

Who Else Wants to Grow Their Brand and Gain More Traffic from Pinterest?

Wait, what? From Pinterest?

No, I’m not kidding.  Pinterest is the 3rd most visited social media site in the US and it drives more traffic to your website than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn combined. No wonder so many businesses have noticed how powerful this visual pin board is.
Pinterest enables you to pin anything you find interesting on the internet and their secret weapon is the powerful use of imagery. A picture is worth a thousand words; what about your brand? With over 9 million monthly Facebook connected users and 2 million daily Facebook users, can you afford not to capitalise on that kind of exposure?
How would you promote your brand on Pinterest?

  • Promote a lifestyle
  • Feature visual content
  • How-to’s and articles
  • Run campaigns and contests
  • Crowd source

The most important part of Pinterest is promoting a lifestyle. You’ll need to find more creative ways to promote your product or brand without blatantly trying to sell to consumers. Pinners do not take well to shameless self promotion - the sooner you learn that the more fruitful your efforts will be. Another statistic shows that pins without prices are twice as likely to be re-pinned as pins with prices.
Companies that have excelled in creating a great presence and accumulated a lot of followers on Pinterest are not the ones you’d expect to see. Kotex, Chobani Yogurt and the U.S Army are a few great examples. Chobani Yogurt has over 9000 followers, with pin boards introducing you to recipes using yogurt, exciting fitness ideas and the latest kitchen gadgets. They’ve made their brand fun, appealing and impossible to resist. Not what you’d expect from a yogurt company.
There are many tools out there that can help you analyse your Pinterest efforts and help you track the influence your pins have. Take a look at sites like Pinerly, Pinreach, Pinpuff and Wordpress Pinner to see how far your pins go.  
Now, over to you. Try out Pinterest for yourself and see what all the hype is about, but try not to get too addicted.

By Elandre Frank