Thursday, 23 October 2008

SABC2 Chairman

Unlucky for some “chairman”!

C'mon all - pay yout tv licence!! The SABC need to buy some decent furniture for the fat cats!!!!

Yellow snow

FYI: Miller lite taste's like someone has taken a used REAL BEER
bottle and filled it with water.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

MicroArt #4 - Cardboard

This is a piece of cardboard (actually shrapnel from a widow maker that was thrown into the studio by some sick bastard!)

Vodacom's SVS (Short Voice Service) - Free until 9 Nov

Vodacom today, Wednesday, 22 October 2008, announced the launch of its Short Voice Service (SVS) - a voice-based message service that enables Vodacom customers to send a 30-second voice message to any other Vodacom customer's cellphone without having to talk to them. To use SVS, dial the #digit followed by the number of the recipient (i.e. #082 123 4567) and leave the SVS. The SVS service will be free of charge until 9 November, when R0.90, anytime of the day, will be charged. For more, click here.

Headline News

MicroArt - #3 Nick's chinny chin chin

More stuff at 200x zoom... my beard! Of sorts.

Shaved yesterday by the way...with a probably-needs-to-be-replaced Gillette Mach III

Fun beard facts (from my memory of Chappies wrappers so maybe not exactly facts):
1. Blonde beards grow the fastest.
2. Your beard grows faster when you think about sex.

I am blonde, and sex think sex about sex a sex completely sex normal sex amount.

MicroArt - #2 Nick's Eyeball

Part two of the playing-with-the-USB-microscope series.... My eyeball.

Not to give you any ideas, but please don't streal my identity like what happened to Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire.

 Having those light's burning my retina while Derek fiddled with the focus didn't hurt at all...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

MicroArt - #1 Pixels

We bought a fantastic new gadget at the office – a USB microscope with a 200x zoom!

So I have decided to start posting interesting things on to this blog.

So here is our first one... this is a whole bunch of pixels from my Laptop.

Any requests?

Thursday, 9 October 2008


I swear I only bumped it a little! Good thing there wasn't any coffee on this table! Yaw!