Thursday, 25 August 2011

Random office musings and musings of office

I was looking around the office the other day and realised something. Our offices are awesome. I may have become slightly jaded after seeing the same things every day but I still feel we’re lucky to work in such an awesome environment. We might not be the Google offices (yet!) but we’ve certainly got a comfy thing going for us: Foosball, Air Hockey, Guitar Hero and one of the coolest and comfiest boardrooms ever.

When you can nap on your boardroom couch (after hours of course) you know it’s comfy.

Most of the art in the office is the creation of our very own Kyle, who in some quiet patches (sure he wishes he had some of those at the moment) a couple years back started doodling on our walls. Over the years we’ve added more and more until we have the awesome artwork you see below.

Air hockey table (about to be put to good use in our latest air hockey double’s championship):

The Fishbowl (Our 2nd boardroom /lunch room when not in use):

We also have a showroom for our sister company Firewater Light which pictures really don’t do justice. Come and visit us and we’ll show you all our cool toys (including the homebuilt canon – we blew a tennis ball almost over the river once).

Oh and let’s not forget the developers’ best friend: the cappuccino machine! One can’t be a brogrammer (no, that isn’t a typo without a great cup of really strong coffee.

All of this along with the awesome people mean I still wake up most mornings excited to come to work. Watch out Google, Firewater's on your tail!


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