Monday, 1 September 2008

Ask how many times??

I am trying to figure out what the point is of Nedbank's 'Ask Once' campaign.... I had an issue with their website, tried to use their online form to report it which in itself had errors. Finally I find an email address in their 'Access to information act' document which unanswered for weeks. So I complained to Ask Once, they replied promtly and I sent them my original complaint....

Another week went by and I had not heard from them... so I went to the top and called on to actually get a response (that site rocks!).

Nedbank - stop charging me Internet Banking fees for your 2nd rate technical and customer services. Instead of paying for useless campaigns that come and bite you in the a$$ - spend the money on some real Internet Banking Development... in fact I highly reccomend you open an account with Standard Bank and FNB and use their FREE Internet Banking and see what Nedbank's Internet Banking has to compete with.

Also - I suggest you drop this stupid message on your Nedbank Internet Banking home page - I have no doubt your 'new functionality' will be old when you (eventually) release it. You are raising client's expectations and it will allso bite you in the a$$!

New Functionality Coming Soon!
We will soon be introducing enhancements to our Internet Banking site.
NetBank will offer exciting new functionality which you have requested as well as enhancements to existing functionality to further improve your online banking experience. Watch this space for further information.

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